Douglas Mandry
Handle with Care
Casa Serodine Ascona
The thread that unites the work of these artists and constitutes the underlying theme of the exhibition is the concept of fragility. As the most recent and dramatic current events (from climate change to the spread of the coronavirus) show, fragility is a characteristic feature of every system, especially the most complex and articulated ones. The main responsibility we have as human beings is to recognize the fragile balance on which the mutual interdependence between different organisms and the relationship between nature and culture rests, and to act accordingly. This means "handling with care" both the enormous technological power we have developed and the delicate balance on which ecosystems are based. The work of the artists shown in this exhibition, almost all of whom belong to the younger generation, translates well the awareness and attention paid to the sense of fragility and precariousness that characterizes our time. Materials, techniques, aesthetic approaches, operating methods: everything in their work contributes to delineating the sense of taking care of the fragility of the world, which is first and foremost a concrete action entrusted to the manual nature of our relationship with things.
Artists: Andrea Heller, Vera Trachsel, Nicolas Polli
Curated by Elio Schenini