Douglas Mandry
After the Ashes
Engraved wood / Coal transfer on inkjet print
The idea of this new serie, «After the Ashes» emerged as forest fires were ravaging the south of Europe in 2021. This work confronts our relationship with nature and its representation in the era of climate change.
For this work, Douglas Mandry went to the devastated sites of Mugla County, Turkey, to collect pieces of wood charred by the fire. Using this material, he produced, in situ, transfers by rubbing the coal directly on photographic prints of this same region, taken several years ago, when the forest was still green.
From this superposition between the material and its image emerge a discourse on the urgency of the climatic situation, but above all an aim to explore the notion of memory, natural cycle, and resilience. The ashes of the disappeared forest turn into a new, poetic work, and thus aspire to a form of regeneration.